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Alcuni commenti sulla performance del G99 (Genesis Fan Club Convention) di Guildford nel 1999 trovati su newsgroups:


…..On to the music, as I say, I have never seem a Genesis tribute band before and perhaps went in fearing the worst. SUPPER’S READY – From Italy playing mainly 80’s Genesis but with Robbery, Assault & Battery thrown in. OUTSTANDING – All Wonderful musicians and verytrue covers. Their vocalist could perhaps have even auditioned when Phil left.  He certainly had his stage performance off to a tee. Perhaps the only negative was he spoke little English (not a crime by any means) but it left a few long silent pauses. SUPPER’S READY – I would fly to Italy to see them, great band, great covers, great set list. 10/10.

Cheers from Inside & Out Graham (12 sept 99)

…….Just after 6pm saw the start of three live sets. The first was from the
Italian band “Supper’s Ready”. It was the first time I’d seen or heard them and I was *very* impressed to say the least. By the time they’d finished their set with Los Endos, the whole crowd were on their feet. Highlights for me were Robbery and Dance/Los Endos. The next evening arrived and so did the final evening of the convention – full sets from both “In The Cage” and “Supper’s Ready” at West One Four in Kensington. “Supper’s Ready” then came on and absolutely blew everyone away with their brilliance. One or two microphone problems meant that 2 songs had to be dropped, but as these were “Hold On My Heart” and “Land Of
Confusion” I don’t think anyone was too upset! But the Italian were
truly excellent, I really cannot describe it – you had to be there to believe it.
Domino was played to perfection and was the first highlight for me.
The came Robbery, Assault & Battery where the mic decided to die for the last verse, but the band kept playing and the whole crowd sang – super atmosphere. I was standing right behind the keyboard player during Supper’s Ready
and especially the Apocalypse in 9/8 section which was played
*perfectly* – quite amazing to see. Then followed Cinema Show and it was
like I was watching the Second’s Out album. Ending the set was very
special indeed as the “In The Cage” drummer came up on stage and sat
behind his drums to start off a literally unrehearsed drum duet followed
by Los Endos – the crowd went into a frenzy as their main set ended.
They came on for an encore of Dance On A Volcano, The Lamb/Musical Box
which again saw the second drummer for the end of Musical Box.
A brilliant end to a highly successful weekend.

Gary Best (13 sept 99)

……..it was a particular pleasure to introduce Supper’s Ready to an unsuspecting
audience, and I know that they were overwhelmed by the support and
enthusiasm shown to them for their performances both on Saturday, but
especially on Sunday, where they played an absolute blinder……

Manir & Louise Donaghue (13 sept 99)

…….Supper’s Ready turned up with a whole coach load of Italian fans and high
tech kit (in ear fold back monitors for a tribute band!) This suggests
that they are a well gigged band who’ve built up a following. You can see
why this would be the case – they are a very polished act and played a good set.
Highlight – Robbery Assault and Battery. Sunday at West One Four. Supper Ready suffered from microphone problems for a while but this contributed to one of the weekend highlights for me. The mic died during Robbery Assault and Battery but the crowd raised the roof and sang the last verse and closing section of the song. Blub! Very emotional. The band then proceeded to step up a gear almost as if to make up for the previous problems and Hogweed was stunning, Firth of Fifth stunning, Suppers Ready itself sounded like Seconds Out. They are a a stonking good band, well drilled and well worth a trip to Italy! Here comes the absolute hightlight of my Weekend. The Suppers Ready invited In the Cage’s drummer up for a completely improvised NO rehearsal drum duet leading into Los Endos. It transpires that In the Cage have never even looked at this song in their brief career so Mark their drummer did this purely based on his deep love of G music and together he and Attilio (sorry for the poor spelling) were absolutely, totally, completely, bloody AWESOME. This was such a geat sight to see. To cap it all the two drummers linked up again as Supper’s Ready played the closing section of the Musical Box. Major backslapping all around as the evening ended – and why oh why did this evening have to end?
Graham Smith (13 sept 99)

Supper’s Ready – First class. Sounded the part, and looked it too (even down to the rock star style glamourous spouses). I haven’t enjoyed a Genesis concert this much since the Invisible Touch tour – as well as professionalism they also had genuine enthusiasm that for me has been a little lacking on the last two Genesis tours. It’s better to sit at the front of a Supper’s Ready concert than in row 567 of a genuine Genesis concert. Only criticsm – the 5 second drum solo between Dance and Los Endos – I’ve gone on record before as hating drum solos, but for this audience this was ridiculously short.

Mike Moreton (14 sept 99)

…….Here I generally concur with what has been said about the bands so far, I can’t make out any significant differences in quality between ReGenesis and Supper’s Ready, both were 100% enjoyable.

Volker Warncke (14 sept 99)

…..I also found Supper’s Ready, the following band, to be even better than before:
For some reason their sound quality (as coming from the PA) was more to my
liking, no slightly swampy bass and lower keyboard sounds, just crystal
clear and every instrument individually discernable (only their bass drum
was too low in the mix). Anyway, so it was all the more such a pity that the microphones just wouldn’t obey after the second song. Although this gave them an opportunity to prove their full professionalism in the face of adverse circumstances
(against all odds so to speak 😉 During The Last Domino all you could hear was basically only the drummer – and boy did he keep on drumming like hell and to perfection even as his bandmates around him didn’t know what to do given that they couldn’t be heard anymore. And on the next song (after a technical pause for several
minutes) which was R,A&B (I think) again the singer’s mike refused to
function so the audience were singing the lyrics from the top of their lungs, especially a couple of enthusiasts right behind me, ahh, what an atmosphere, stunning!!!! (Although these same enthusiasts also sometimes sang along most of the gtrmelodies of e.g. FoF which made it almost impossible for me to hear these
from the stage…). Anyway, after I think the 5th song the technical problems were largely solved, and everything just kept getting better! Can’t remember the setlist
right now but their Calling All Stations is just perfect,  I get the same shivers up and down my spine that the ‘real’ live CAS has caused me, so what more can you ask for? Also the Supper they served was to my full liking, mmmmmmmmhhh! “Grazie” au chef de cuisine! For the last couple of songs the dance floor in front of the stage was properly used (did it start with The Knife?) and of course the drum *duet* and Los Endos was simply overwhelming and so were the audience, handshakes from the floor to the band ensued (very good, Paolo!) Every time the applause grew louder and louder; also I could not help but notice a *big* smile taking permanent residence on Manir’s face during the last 20 minutes or so. A better conclusion of G99 is quite unthinkable.
On a slightly more somber note, everybody I talked to is sincerely hoping
that this whole enterprise has now at least *not* left the organisers
financially in the red. Can you tell us how many tickets have finally been
sold? Anyway, should you have made a little profit, may I propose you invest
it so the money works for you and you have something to start with for G2000
or at least G2001?

Volker Warncke (14 sept 99)

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999 I noticed Mike Moreton write:

>Only criticsm – the 5 second drum solo between Dance and Los Endos – I’ve
>gone on record before as hating drum solos, but for this audience this was
>ridiculously short.

Well you should’ve been at West One Four on the Sunday for the drum duet then! 🙂

Gary Best  (14 sept 99)

…..The first band that took the stage on Saturday were Supper’s Ready,
who as in the words the the very affable fellow that handled the MC
duties of the weekend’s concerts, “came all from Italy for us here
tonight.” And it was definitely worth it! Supper’s Ready covered a wide
range of the band’s time periods, all with great sound! “Calling All
Stations,” “No Son Of Mine,” “Dodo/Lurker,” “Mama,” “Throwing It All
Away,” “Home By The Sea,” “Supper’s Ready,” Turn It On Again,”
“Robbery, Assault And Battery,” and many more that were so close to the
original- you really wouldn’t have known it wasn’t Genesis if your eyes were closed. The drummer for Supper’s Ready, Auturo, I believe his name is -is one of the best I’ve seen. He threw a drumstick into the crowd on Sunday’s show during a very fast drum roll- grab another stick and keep perfect time… In fact, all the musicians from the bands were outstanding.

Richard Baxter (15 sept 99)

I would like to say that I enjoyed G99 immensely, the highlights being the Italian band “Suppers Ready” who perform all eras of Genesis like the real thing.

Paul Hedges. (sept 99)

…..Also would like to say how gobsmacked I was by the UK debut of the
Italian band, Supper’s Ready. They were unbelievable! Much like the Italian equivalent of ReGenesis – perfect! At the end of Los Endos, a few tears fell from my eyes. I’ve have never seen Genesis do that live, having decided not to go to Wembley
in ’87 ‘cos I was still a young puppy (15!). Unfortunately I was able to make the Sunday, but I’m sure both Supper’s Ready and In The Cage went down well with the crowd as they did on Saturday night.

Gaz (Dale’s Newman webmaster) (sept 99)

…..It’s a shame you couldn’t make the Sunday night – if you thought Supper’s Ready were good on Saturday, they were phenomenal on Sunday!

Mark Rae (sept 99)

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